About Us

Solid Rock Excavating™ is a turnkey company providing services from start to finish handling all meetings and scheduling for both large residential and commercial development projects.

Services in northeast Ohio include:

  • excavation
  • storm
  • sanitary and water
  • asphalt paving
  • concrete curbing
  • under drain and other services

Solid Rock Excavating, Inc. handles all storm, sanitary and water management systems including curbing and paving for the residential development. General site excavation experiences range from excavating basements for future homes and offices, pouring the footers, framing and pouring the basement walls and extending the utilities from the roadway to the proposed house or building as well as the installation of the footer drains and downspout connections.

Within Solid Rock Excavating, Inc., and our crew experience, we have completed many large residential and commercial development jobs. We are also equipped and able to perform heavy highway excavation and construction services.